Sound Spectrum 2011 Mixing Console

Mixing Tips:

  • Press Play controls if media doesn't autostart.
  • Mix the volume between each track to hear variations in the recordings.
  • Use mutes to isolate sounds.
  • Audio:

    1. Sound Spectrum 2011 - WAAPA Aletheia Ensemble, Velvet Lounge, Perth
    2. Sound Spectrum 2011 - Ethernet Orchestra UTS Ensemble, Sydney.

    Audio files:

    Mills, R. (2020). Rhythm, Presence, and Agency: Defining Tele-Collaborative Space as a Site for Net Music Pedagogy. In Busch, T., Moormann, P. & Zielinski, W. (Eds.): Musical practices and virtual spaces, Munich: Kopaed.

    Audio Loops: