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Report and Evidence of the Committee on Arbitrary Arrests, in the State of Indiana

 By Indiana General assembly. House. Committee on Arbitrary Arrests


By Indiana General
assembly. House
. Committee on Arbitrary
Published 1863
J. J. Bingham
167 pages
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized Feb 17, 2006
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jetmore, blackford, disloyal
bluford, frash, newburg
jetmore, phipps, deponents
vevay, lasselle, goldenburg
newburg, claypool, bethell
frisbie, rushville, offutt
frash, bluford, klinck

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Logan, of Paris, Illinois, for and on behalf of some other person, whose name I can not now remember. He was subsequently virtually released from said ...
more pages: 92 96 97 99 100
Vigo - Page 19
Amos Green was arrested at Terre Haute on the 8th day of August, 1862, upon a telegraphic dispatch sent to Samuel Connor, the sheriff of Vigo county, ...
more pages: 93 114
Indianapolis - Page 38
furnished free music at numerous meetings called for the purpose of soliciting volunteers J and in escorting companies on their road to Indianapolis.
more pages: 17 18 19 32 53 57 79 103 109 151
Evansville, Indiana - Page 18
He had sent a pistol to a cousin in Kentucky, ivith the written permit of AT Robinson, the surveyor of the port at Evansville. ...
more pages: 17 81 92 103
Louisville, Kentucky - Page 79
The charge upon which they alleged my arrest was that of treason, as declared by Moore, and that I should answer to the same in the city of Louisville ...
more pages: 62 63 65 66 67 72 80 104 105 149
Dearborn - Page 18
Theodore Horton, of Wells county, Richard Slater, of Dearborn county, and Amos Green, a citizen of the State of Illinois, who was arrested in Terre ...
more pages: 38 74 76
Ghent, Kentucky - Page 65
Others informed me that a letter had been written from Ghent, Kentucky, by one James Robison, of that place, to Governor Morton, stating that certain ...
Warsaw, Kentucky - Page 70
Kilgore and William Scott, the other prisoners, to Warsaw, Kentucky, where we were placed in jail until the next day in the evening, ...
Terre Haute, Indiana - Page 98
Do you know any thing of his arrest, and the attendant circum-stances, in the city of Terre Haute, Indiana, in August, 1862; and, if so, please state ...
more pages: 96 97 100 113
Olney, Illinois - Page 114
from Missouri to Illinois, about sixteen or eighteen miles above Cairo; that they then went to the railroad and passed over it to Olney, Illinois, ...
New Orleans - Page 83
had just returned from New Orleans, and was circulating Confederate money in Kentucky, and that he was recruiting for the Confederate Army. ...
more pages: 28 124 125
Rushville, Indiana - Page 118
Mitchell; reside at Rushville, Indiana ; am a Justice of the Peace and an attorney. On or about the eleventh day of September, 1862, one HG Frisbie ...
Memphis - Page 113
from Memphis to what was represented as being the headquarters of Colonel Richardson ; that on the tenth of January they were ...
Nottingham - Page 39
upon our oaths depose arid say: That on the 2d day of October, 1862, we attended a political meeting in Nottingham township, Wells county, Indiana, ...
more pages: 35 131
Jacksonville - Page 107
(as I remember,) in which it was alleged that in a Democratic speech I had made at Jacksonville, in September last, I had said that before a draft ...
more pages: 106
Paris - Page 93
That time he showed rne no dispatch or authority whatever; said he was requested to take me over to Paris upon a special train. ...
more pages: 29 94 97
Cincinnati - Page 117
was then an command at the city of Cincinnati, assuming to authorize him, the said Frisbie, to arrest all persons " suspected of disloyal practices. ...
more pages: 19 120
Springfield, Illinois - Page 94
I was taken by the Marshal and his deputies to Springfield, Illinois. They refused to permit me to stop at Paris, on our road, to see my family, ...
Hartford - Page 142
Jacob Clapper, Jesse Williams, and others, perhaps, whom I do not remember, after some of them had been arrested and taken away from Hartford. ...
more pages: 148
Nashville - Page 104
Seville, who was reported to me, by the Provost Marshal of Louisville, as having cut the telegraph wire between Louisville and Nashville, though it ...
Paducah, Kentucky - Page 90
I am twenty-six years of age; by occupation a steamboat-man; reside at Paducah, Kentucky ; but generally on the river. t ...
GREENSBURG, Ind - Page 119
GREENSBURG, Ind., 11, 1862. " JOHN R. MITCHELL, "Provost Marshal: " Will provide or procure transportation to carry two prisoners and four guards from ...
York - Page 69
Kilgore; aged thirty-eight years; by occupation a farmer; reside in York township, Switzerland county; born and raised in that county; ...
more pages: 70 74
Lafayette, Indiana - Page 104
Freeman; aged thirty-eight years; reside at Lafayette, Indiana. I am a hotel keeper and a railroad ticket agent. Question by Mr. ...
Baltimore - Page 109
Answer—I went to Baltimore and worked awhile in a machine shop as a turner, and afterward worked in another machine shop, making patterns for castings ...
Seville - Page 105
The arrest of Seville was on a telegraphic order from General Boyle, of Louisville. Question by Mr. FERRIS— State what was the tenor of the affidavits ...
Montpelier - Page 148
Answer—It was the evening of the 6th day of October, 1862, at Montpelier, in front of Boon & Twible's store, in the presence of Boon and Twible, ...
Dover - Page 75
MORGAN— What did you say in your speqch at Dover, in-your county, against the present Administration ? Answer—I believed that it was an Abolition ...
Cairo - Page 114
from Missouri to Illinois, about sixteen or eighteen miles above Cairo; that they then went to the railroad and passed over it to Olney, Illinois, ...