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Town and City

 By Frances Gulick Jewett


York City, fresh air, hire rooms
York City, microbes, MULBERRY
Old-law houses, New-law houses, tenement houses
Vineland, alcohol, Suffolk County
microbes, STREET SWEEPER, Colonel Waring
Neighbor mine, Colonel Waring, STREET-CLEANING LEAGUES
Riker's Island, wlth, Park Row
Seward Park, Hester Street, public bath
fire escapes, fireman, fire drill
alcohol, Number, Saloons
non-abstainers, expect to live, total abstainer
CROTON DAM, Chelsea, Watertown
cholera, typhoid fever, Peiho
typhoid fever, Oberlin, sewage
Merrimac River, sewage, Nashua
sand filter, niters, oxygen
Japan, Japanese, Russian
Emperor of Japan, House of Peers, smoked irregularly
cubic centimeter, raw milk, NUMBER
cubic centimeter, milk, ROCHESTER
tuberculosis, antitoxin, diphtheria
Abraham Lincoln, Little Turtle, treaty of Greenville
anopheles, malaria, mosquitoes
tuberculosis, Tenement, malaria
quito, lute, glst
River, waste, Water

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The volume "Town and City,". which. is pre-. pared for the sixth year of school life, presents. the subject of hygiene from the standpoint of ... cgi/ reprint/ 31/ 803/ 785.pdf

Other editions

Town and City

Town and City

by Frances Gulick Jewett - Physiology - 1906 - 272 pages
Series title also at head of t.-p.
Town and City

Town and City

by Frances Gulick Jewett - Physiology - 272 pages
Town and City

Town and City

by Frances Gulick Jewett - Physiology - 1906 - 272 pages
Series title also at head of t.-p.
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Reports of the Water Board of the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1902-1905. SEDGWICK, WILLIAM T., Principles of Sanitary Science and The Public ...
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